In the beginning…


Welcome to the incarnation of the community blog, Christian Voices. Our purpose is to provide a forum in which progressive Christians can come together and reflect on issues ranging from current events to timeless truisms. We are a group of diverse individuals, but are united in the following beliefs:

  1. Everyone belongs to God
  2. Jesus is our homeboy

If you are interested in contributing to Christian Voices, please leave a comment below. Leftward, Christian soldiers!


5 Responses to “In the beginning…”

  1. You had mentioned this to me in a comment at my blog. I’d love to do contribute at some time, so count me in.

    Let me know how you wish to proceed. I have some stuff in mind that may be appropriate.

  2. 2 deanna with a lower case d

    Hi Tom, I’m sorry I missed you both before you left. I hope that the Universe surrounds you with only wonderful things in your coming adventures. It looks like you are making your own blessings. I would love to write again, so, please just let me know what and when I can contribute….love to you both, d

  3. Thanks, Tom. I’m playing ‘catch-up’ with the blog stuff; got off to a rough start. I feel isolated…just getting my electronic sea-legs, I guess. Thanks for the experience and comfort you bring to the blogging experience. I’d love to join ChristianVoices; let me know how.

  4. 4 truthmerchant
  5. truthmerchant,

    So noted, and responded to (on your blog as well as here).


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